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Your SCUBA Diving Club in New York City

We moved to Cozumel, We find out, that is cheaper, and nicer to flight, and take the SCUBA course there, now that airplanes resume direct flights to the island.

You can contact Us at Blue Mayan Diver

Due Covid Our pool in NYC YMCA still reminds closed for SCUBA Diving Classes, and The training Lake in Pennsylvania has close for good, it was sold, so seams all the changes are for the best, in just 3 days you will become a Open Water Diver.

Take your elearning clase “read the book online” before you visit US in Cozumel, call or email me if you like to sign up for this course.

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We offer SCUBA diving lessons in NYC, for adults and kids, so your entire family can be included in the fun.

We have basic courses for 10 year old kids. (SCUBA Diver), and we have regular  courses for teens and adults. (Open Water Diver) We have also have Advanced Courses and specialties for any certified diver.(Advanced DiverEnriched Air Specialty, Underwater Photography, etc.) We provide personal training to be sure you and your family will be safe while underwater.

We also offer the eLearning Course, It allow You to study at the comfort of your home or on your free time at work, and at your own pace on your iPad or computer.

Click here for more information: elearning-course

When you are done, just  show up at the pool to practice underwater skills, (confined water training) and get ready to book a trip to your favorite ocean.

We are affiliated to PADI (Processional Association of Diving Instructors)  and offer all PADI SCUBA diving courses and specialties.

We accept SCUBA divers from any agencies.
We do cross over from any other agency to PADI.
(The easies and fun way to cross over to PADI is by taking our PADI Advanced Diver Course.)
We also offer affordable SCUBA Tune Up for your to refresh you skills and check your equipment before your next vacation.

We have a new location, a semi-olimpic pool located in Chelsea YMCA

scuba diving in nyc
scuba diving club

Your SCUBA diving club in New York City

If you do not have a place to go to finish your open water diving training?
You can join to one of our scheduled trips to the Caribbean throughout the year.
Send us an email, we refer all our divers to Eco Divers in Cozumel to finish their open water dive training , while they enjoy the turquoise waters in the Caribbean.

We also offer SCUBA diving trips to Cozumel, ask for more information.

We encourage all our divers to continue with the advanced open water diver training, while in Cozumel, to experience: Night Diving, (see octopus, eels, lobsters, and more), Deep Diving, (reach 100ft under water, to see the coral pinnacles raising up to the surface while you can hear your own breath and enjoy the average 300 ft visibility), Wreck Diving, Drift Diving and more.

Become part of Scuba Diving Family

You could become one of our increasing members by assisting to one of our monthly get-together or by taking any of our SCUBA diving courses in New York City. What could be more fun than having a good time, meeting divers close to were you live, and hearing about scuba diving experiences? Find about the best places to dive in NYC, or abroad, and find about places to stay for the best prices.